Prayers continuing

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Sep 9, 2017

For everyone in the path of Hurricane Irma and Jose to be safe, praying for all of the people that have lost their homes and businesses already, prayers for family members that have lost loved ones due to all the devastation , praying for Mexico and all of the wildfires happening! Wow there's so much going on but we need to take a breath and continue our prayers and we must stand firm in our quits and know that relapsing isn't an option but moving forward and embracing our quits is a must, life can really throw havoc into our lives and there's not a blessed thing we can do about Mother Nature's destruction other than to pray but we can and must protect our precious quit so we're not sitting in a cloud of smoke still stressing about all this stuff we can get through anything and everything smokefree but we must believe it and keep stacking up our Days WON!