Hang on tight to your quit!

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on May 3, 2017

I remember wondering  in the 1st few wks of my quit if I'd ever be content and feel comfortable in my own skin again without the cigarettes and then around the 3th or 4th wk of quitting I was having several days of happiness with a crave here and there that wasn't overpowering then I knew that Freedom was mine for the taking and I was going to live life on life's terms with N.O.P.E and vigilance then there's no way that any of us can Fail. I probably won't be back on line until sometime late  tomorrow morning or even early afternoon, Mark's sister invited me to spend the night at her place and we'll just relax and eat out, she lives in Maine about a half hour away, I'm only a couple of minutes from a small border crossing in Bridgewater Maine but I don't go across often so it'll be nice, I need to be back before Mason gets off the bus tomorrow so I'm Wishing each of you my friends and fellow Exers a hasslefree, stressfree but most importantly smokefree Hump Day, if you are struggling to remain quit please don't give in to the cravings get busy with something, anything, blog Help and someone will get you through, believe in yourself, stay willing, determined and committed to succeed and you can and will be successful one precious smoke free day at a time, there really is Life after cigarettes but you must stick with your quit and keep stacking up those precious smoke free days. Here's a pic of Mason and I yesterday after school.