Don't say I think I can say I know I can, because you can!

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Feb 17, 2017

There's so much in life that none of us have any control over like what's basically taking over the airwaves over the last while, I think someone really loves to hear himself talk! Unfortunately we can't control the airwaves but thankfully we can have complete control over our quits and please don't let the idiocy of this world give you an EXcuse to relapse because nothing on the face of this earth is worth going backwards to the disgusting Cancer Sticks, I felt like throwing something at my TV yesterday afternoon but not once did I think about a sickerette as Thomas calls them because as Dale says I don't do that anymore and besides the only one that I would be hurting is myself by causing my copd to get worse and worse until I end up on oxygen 7/ instead of stressing over things we have no control over, let's concentrate on what we can do and continue to choose life which is continuing to stack up our splendiforous smoke Free days, we have a CHOICE whether WE SMOKE or NOT so PLEASE CHOOSE NOT! 

Marilyn 949  or 950 DOF or something like that!