No more day One's only day's WON!!!

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Feb 4, 2017

I really hope that we all have the best day possible.I'm feeling a little sad this morning and frustrated but also thankful that my husband and I quit smoking because there's so much going on around us that we don't have any control over but we do have control over our quits. , my husband went to a benefit breakfast this morning for a 51 yr old man right in our community that passed away yesterday from cancer, this breakfast was planned three wks ago when we all found out about, they kept it on for the family. I didn't know this gentleman but I know some of the family so I'll go to the wake Tuesday, there's a 21 yr old that another community is doing a benefit supper for this evening, he broke his neck in a ski doo accident, my 56 yr old brother in law had lung surgery on Monday to remove 3 large spots that were cancer he never smoked a day in his life and his wife, my husband's sister never did either but he was an auto body painter for yrs. We're reassured by the Dr's in Bangor Maine that it looks positive that they got it all, they live in the states, he has a green card and is a computer wizard of some kind, they lived in Jacksonville Florida for over 5 yrs and worked for a company called Dixie and he still does. I can't do a blessed thing about any of this other than keep them in my prayers, on a good note my younger sister Marion was allowed to come home yesterday with Red Cross coming in twice a day and she'll be starting up pysio plus metapra is workers through our government that come in and helps with meals and will take her places and things like that. Smoking wouldn't help any of these situations one little bit, in fact it would only make things 100 % worse and would stress me out soooooo bad because I would be ruining 936 precious smoke free days and that would really, really suck big time and the worst thing of all would be that I'd be putting my own health at risk, I quit smoking when I found out that I have mild copd, I wanted to be around for my health, family and especially the grandchildren so I won't screw up my perfectly beautiful quit and have to start all over again at Day One, N.O.P.E  - Not One Puff Ever - will give ME and YOU a beautiful Smoke Free Life. There's so much in this world that we have no CONTROL over but Friends and Fellow Exers we must always remember that we DO have CONTROL over our QUIT because we have a CHOICE whether WE SMOKE or NOT so PLEASE CHOOSE NOT. life is so short so let's keep our precious quit in tact and continue moving forward and stacking up those precious DOF Days Of Freedom!