I want to be free

Blog Post created by Marie1970 on Apr 28, 2017

My quit date is approaching soon May 3rd and it's so scary I never thought that smoking was as addictive as it is, but I'm determined to quit! today I went on a few website looking for inspiration to help me quit and I ran across a story of a man who died at 34  a few month after he was diagnosed with lung cancer I read the story and just cried because I don't want to die like that! my children would be devastated if they had to say their last goodbye's to me laying there with no hair, skin hanging on my body and bearly breathing not looking like my normal self. And the crazy part about the story is after this guys funeral even though his love ones knew the cause of his death was from smoking they still lit up at his grave! this is when I realized how powerful the addiction is. I  have looked at photos of the lungs of people who smoked vs people who never smoked and OMG!! i know my lungs are black and unhealthy! in the past I have made a quit date and told myself I was gong to quit but only made if halfway through the day this time I'm in heavy prayer asking God to give me the strength and power to  quit this very bad habit and never go back I hate I even started smoking which I have been doing since I was 15 years old that most of my life I just turned 47 on 4/23. I want to live I have two  Grandson's who are only 4 and 9mo I want to see them grow up!