About Slips

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Sep 16, 2020

So you slipped?

 I have slipped also.....

On Ice-wet floors- snow-uneven surfaces-and yes even with smoking....or at least that's what I told myself....UNLESS of course your talking about a SLIP that you wear under a dress...or a SLIP of paper ????


Until then ,I realized I truly did not slip ( smoking) at all.....

I had been 'romancing the idea to smoke'....and so I did. I made a choice and I smoked. I did not slip. I chose. Poorly, in fact.


That was then, before my Elders taught me that a slip is really choice to smoke. I never accidentally 'slipped' a cigarette into my mouth and lit it up and smoked, if you follow.


6 plus years now for me of better choices...and no slips