So many different people here...all walks welcome

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Aug 10, 2020

I don't care about what religion you follow or your spiritual beliefs

I don't care about your skin tone

I don't care about your residency, city-state-country

I don't care about your political beliefs

I don't care if you work or not

I don't care if your educated or not

I don't care if you have a disability or not.

I don't care about your sexual preferences........


What I do care about is to help support you so you don't smoke. Period. My only agenda.


Nothing more , nothing less. I share my experiences and thats all I can do. Share my story. This site is full of different ways/stories. its nice because we all are not the same and we all have different needs.


Find the story that fits you and follow it. No ones here to judge or be judged.


We are just here to quit and stay quit with Nicotine Addiction.


Pretty straight forward.


Take what you need and leave the rest....someone will always come for your leftovers