Examine your roof

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Aug 3, 2020

A very good post especially drew me in this morning.

It was was a simple post that Marilyn.H.July.14.14. posted ....about, A SIMPLE POST.


And thats basically the point. Simple. We often make too much of things of the world anymore. We stress over situations beyond our control, we argue over points we don't throughly understand, We choose sides because, well you gotta fit in somewhere you either agree or disagree. We fight over nonsense issues and we applaud nonsense issues. We don't examine the roof over our own heads often enough, and I am not talking about a physical roof.


When I quit smoking and got some time under my belt, I realized how much I gave away to smoking. my decisions were focused around smoking through my thought process. It lied to me with false confidence, false hope, false self esteem...need I go on? I mean really.    I was perfectly able to do anything I needed to without the smokes confidence beating me up, but I had to get some time under my belt in my quit to truly see it and call it out as it was.


So today, I just want to remind everyone. We are enough without the smokes. We are better off without the smokes whispers telling us that we are not.

Examine your roof. Whats holding it together? Is it relying on others to fix it? Is it put together with rusty nails that have been neglected?

Maybe it's time to repair, before a REAL storm blows in unannounced.


Happy Monday  I'm working on me roof today and I have a ladder near by and safety equipment prepared cause I don't ever want to smoke again for anyone or any reason. Time to go examine my roof.