Are you prepared for a BIG Storm?

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Jun 25, 2020

Off in a distance you can sense its approach. You begin to feel uneasy, uncertain. You wonder if your safe...will you be safe?

You begin to think maybe you should have prepared more ahead of time.


Any one of us new at quitting or experienced with a long quit under our belt knows the seriousness of this. You can never be too careful and you must always be one step ahead of the clouds.....


You will know , as there will be warnings, DON'T IGNORE THE SIGNS...... You can hear the rumbles off in a distance  ( You begin to think just one won't hurt)


You begin to see the sky light in a far off distance....light flares at first then they get more vivid and closer ( You keep thinking of excuses to smoke and while you do not realize it...your on your way to fail your quit)


You see the weather alerts on your phone or TV. You know the storms is coming 

( Yet you go ahead and have that drink because your certain, it won't affect you)


Finally....the Warning horns in your county go off, you're power goes out and you are left standing in the storm, because you did not heed the warnings and you made a choice to take the chance it may not apply to you. ( You say, oh what the heck, I will quit again tomorrow).


Get the picture? Folks, believe me when I say this....Addiction has no respect for your choices. It will, however, always provoke you at the most undesirable times in life. It will steal your joy and it will ruin even the best of quits if you do not remain vigilant. Every singe soul, even those with the most years quit EVER , have to maintain vigilance

, because one puff will take us back to day one. I have seen it happen. 


One puff and you throw your quit out the window.One puff and the brains receptors wake up. JUST.....ONE....PUFF.


Be aware of your surroundings, your feelings your senses and when all else fails come here and post FIRST.

Thats a choice as well, but a good one to be sure  



You have nothing to lose but your quit.