Inspired by Marilyns Morning Blog.....

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Jun 19, 2020

I could not live without

coffee or Tea

I'd be a mess,

poor ole me..

But I can live

without smoking today

And for that

, I thank you...for leading the way...


I could not live

without chocolate or cake

A miserable person

I would make

But I can live without

a smoke

Quitting was hard

, for sure joke


I could not live

without my Ex friends

Who encourage me daily

till no end

But I can live daily

without Negative thinking

Cause that just turns

into Stinkin' Thinkin'


No ~I choose you all

to keep me afloat

For I don't care

to row me own boat

I'll take advise

yes I'll take what I need

I'll leave the rest for others

Who's brain it may feed


I'm 62 today 

And a great day I had

A cake and ice cream...

who could be sad?


Great Husband

Great kids

And grandkids galore

And my lovely Ex friends 

Who could ask for more