Watching the 'Storm'

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on May 22, 2020

I'm sitting in the rocking chair waiting for the 'storm' to fall asleep'...It's close.


I got a break to go take a shower as my hubby said he would watch them while I did. I was only gone 15 minutes and when I walked in the girls room they were both naked jumping on the bed. Pete says..."They took their clothes off". 

I said" Where were you",...he says...They did it as soon as you walked out of the room". "Imagine that" I say.


Anyway, the storms settling down noe, they watched  'The Gruffalo ' and that always soothes them. I highly recommend....heck it makes me tired.


Anyway, going to be a busy weekend. Twins parents coming when they get off work tomorrow for the weekend. I will be back next week. 


I made some more face masks, different pattern, SO much easier. Grandsons wanted 'Dino Teeth' so I painted them at 6:30 this morning before everyone was up. They are my first attempt and I don't have them even, but was fun.


****Stay well my friends, see ya next week. I've started another diet...the first one didn't have enough food allowance in it, so I figure being on 2 diets at same time ,should cover it


Cheers without Beers!!!!