This and That

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Aug 31, 2019

Do you have it all? All the answers ~I don't.


It takes a little bit of this....and a little bit of that...and THAT

can be a different animal depending on who you are talking to on this site.


AND THATS okay. I don't want to be Like you or expect you to be like me. I just wanna be me and daily I am a working on becoming a better version of 'ME'.


I love the diversity of this site. We have all got something to give and take away to help us grow in our journey to stay and or be Nicotine free. 


What we do not need is folks coming on here giving us 'labels'.This is MY OPINION. You can agree to disagree if ya want.,...thats cool with me, but be kind.


This has been on me mind tonight and so I felt to share. I come here to tell folks that quitting smoking is HARD, yes, but I share how I did it. What worked and what did not for me. Others have a totally different way that worked or did not for them. Thats whats so cool. So many ways to work through it. Not one way is right or wrong.

I don't come here often because I need to...I come because I want to. I want to help someone like those before me came to be here  ( and most are still here) to help me. Period.

As always...Take what you need and leave the rest : someone will always take the leftovers....I did, and then some.

Have a great weekend. ~Missy