Social Media-Be very carful

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Aug 22, 2019

I don't partake in it. I hate it. It' s an invasive/intrusive way for people to hurt and take advantage of others. Sure, it is also an avenue to keep in touch with people/family who live far away....and sure, many people only 'friend' there friends, but guess what.....


The people who are NOT your friends have ways to still get your information and can destroy everything about you that you THINK your safe, on your own account. It has laded on our family....a family member who is a bright young man in college. He nearly got away with taking his life. This has been a week from hell that I don't wish on anyone..It is currently being investigated on who began a very ugly story on Social Media and I mean ugly and untrue. There are ways the individual can be tracked, but it is a long process and the world hurt this person brought on.

I put this out here now to let you all know that hurtful people can re-route any information on any social media and get it out anywhere on the internet. They can can track you...your location...your kiddos even by looking a a photo you post. They can superimpose anything on you phots ( which is what happened in our family members case) and make it look real and put it our for all to see and it can destroy your life, the life of a child, the life of someone depressed or struggling in an area and even those who have every marble left in their brain.


Theres so much ^&%$ in this world right now, and I guess I am going to remain old fashioned and have I stay away from the social media crap and if I wanna talk I will call the person. I'd rather hear a voice. 


This has been a horrific week not so much for me, but the other family member who feels life now, is not worth living. This young man did nothing wrong. He was a victim of someones sick mind. Please pray for this young man. Our hearts are torn for what he has gone through and what was done to him I cannot even talk about it. Just Pray for him and his family.


Bottom line~ Do you know who your kids are talking to online Do you know who your friends are online-DID YOU KNOW that any information you share with 'friends only' online that your friend can share it with another friend of theirs and boom....your info has been shared...and its a hard fall down people.


I am so angry right now. Please be careful. School is starting. Monitor your kids. Dont let them become victim . EVERYONE is vulnerable.


Even if you think you have the most secure settings....

Guess what

No you don't.


These idiots can re-write your posts

Re-design your photos

Share your info with sickos- unbeknown to you

Case your home when you leave on vacation

Follow your children/grandchildren just by seeing photos of them you post


The list is scary and goes on and on.

How bad do you really NEED Social Media.

Be careful