Rooted 1700 days ago... and still growing strong

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Apr 29, 2019

Root Development relies on the care given to form them


The necessary ingredients to help them grow and get established  ~ nutrients, sun, air quality, water, earth, shade and so on…the proper amount can bring about a beautiful plant. The improper balance can cause damage that can lead to disease and or death itself.


Today I celebrate 1700 days of Nicotine Freedom. I wanted to take the time to share how I rooted my quit  and pass along suggestions that continue to help my quit form good healthy roots.


  1. I payed attention to the soil I planted my ‘quit’ in

I am most always aware of my surroundings….the little things that can ‘push my buttons’, or make me ‘feel’ uncomfortable. Those are warning sign's telling me I need to move along. I recognize now that in the past when I was a smoker, those ‘conditions’ often set me up to smoke.  Being aware of my surroundings.... Learning how to say 'NO'....

'Setting healthy Boundaries'. Priceless lesson indeed for me.


2.  I make sure I spend quality time doing something joyful everyday. It could be just spending time with my grandchildren, or putzing with my plants, doing art…reading …whatever I like that gives me joy. I find I need to slow down more and truly see and enjoy the environment I am in. For reasons unknown to me, when I smoked I was always in a hurry and I ALWAYS had to make sure my ‘habit’ was number one…. I always made sure I would not run out of cancer sticks and had to always have access to a lighter. Its good to not have to plan everything anymore based on my smoking. It stole way too much from me.


3. Stay active on this site….as well as take breaks from it now and then. This site helps me hold myself accountable to my quit. It also is the water to my roots. I have many friends here at home but it occurs to me that the ones I have made here on Ex are as close or closer than any of my friends here at home. Theres something about talking someone through a rough patch that’s a total stranger, who is willing to listen to you and share with you….its truly a gift. YOU ALL are truly a gift to me.  Together we are really an amazing community. I know the God of my understanding gave you all to me as a ‘gift’ and I don’t take that lightly. I am grateful to everyone here. 


4. I remain teachable. I am a work in progress.

I don’t have all the answers. I learn so much from being a participant on this site. I understand good people make mistakes and bad people can be givers of good. I watch for the opportunities to pass along good and I  recognize when my own behavior is less than and needs addressed and realigned. I take responsibility for my quit and my actions on Ex and at home. I 'prune' myself when I see weakness's in/on me. It's good for future growth.


5. I rest when I need to rest and eat when I need to eat. Physical or mental overload can drive me to smoke or at least it used to. I still have days I ‘overload’ but for the most part I do what I can and then I don’t. I stop and rest. The laundry will still be there the next day…if you follow….


6. I like to learn new things to do. It could be learning about new plants or gardening techniques , new musical instruments, new crafts, new recipes, volunteering ….I like to keep challenged and I think this has been something that really has helped my quit roots develop. I highly recommend it. All can help a bad mood and or crave….and helping someone less fortunate than you ALWAYS comes with rewards. It lets you see that you are not only person who hurts, lost, feel bitter, is sick,  feels broken….Being a light to someone else in bad times may be just what they need to get out of the darkness. We all need a dose of light daily. ALL of us. And what happens when you enter a dark room and someone turns on the light???? You see and you can proceed with more vision, clarity and hope. Be that light today. Do it without expecting a thing back. Even better….do it without anyone but yourself knowing. I guarantee you will reap rewards for that. Being a light not only helps your roots mature but it will spark a light in someone you may never know needed it.


7. Finally, and ( this should have been number one on  my list ), is my spirituality. I have a strong faith in God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Had it not been for Him, I would never have been here and I know that ,so I pray and Thank Him daily for this gift and for the gift of all of you and Ex. I am not ashamed of my Faith and I don’t judge anyone for their own beliefs. I don’t always have a clear understanding of my faith, but I know it will take me where I need to be, and right now it is here with all of you.


And there you have it

My roots exposed. I suppose one could say I am offering you a ‘start’ off my roots, because I feel they are very strong and division of roots can actually make this plant ( me) stronger and I choose daily to take care of these roots, after all...They are the only ones I will ever have. 


Happy Monday!

Missy  1700 Days of Freedom


Andwaddaya know, it's midnight.... I wrote this to post for Monday the here it is and I'm heading to bed and sleeping in for a change ~See ya on the flip side!




The above reflects my opinion on quitting smoking. It may or may not apply to you. Take what you need and leave the rest. Someone always shows up for leftovers.