Some will make it~Some won't

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Apr 18, 2019


A decision you are thinking about or are in the process of doing....or already have....Some will make it and some won't and as cold as that may sound, it's the truth.


I think they got sick and tired of being sick and tired. I was one f them. I was sick of the smell it left behind me, and on me....The cropping up of health issues....the money I was throwing away weekly, monthly- do what? Make me unhealthy and stinky??? Yes I was sick and tired of it all. I was sick of being a prisoner of Nicotine.



I finally did that as well. Not overnight. It did not happen without a plan. It did not come with green eggs and ham....( sorry, me brain needed to add a touch of humor there)......It came because I made a decision to go through whatever I must, uncomfortable situations, bad feelings....I had to RESOLVE to get it done. No more excuses, whining. Just make a CHOICE one day at a time, that I will not smoke today.

I decided to read about how my brain turns on and off the receptors when I smoked vs not smoking and how it had been playing cat and mouse with me for YEARS. Once I understood this concept, for me, it was like a superpower of understanding. My AH-HA moment, if you will.The Elders here planted so much info into my brain and now it was all coming together. The lesson plan they gave me made sense. It was time.



You knew enough to put a flame at the end of your cigarette to make it burn and engage in 'smoking' so why not use use your brain to learn about this addiction once and for all and stop this crazy war going on inside of you. Or....Don't.



I used excuses I hear on this site over and over again. I know them all and then some. I feared I would get fat, lose friends, lose smoking buddies, never be able to relax, never be able to make decisions, I'm sick, I lost a loved one, I'm depressed, I'm sad, I really angry...I will, I won't I will I won't......Damn if I do Damn if I don't...No one cares, why should I. Poor me. I THOUGHT I resented my quit..but I had it backwards......



SO what's YOUR excuse? You do know the moment you decide to quit smoking it will never leave you? Nope, never. And FYI..... you probably WILL GAIN WEIGHT., lose some smoking buddies, not be able to smoke in stressful times...but what are you really missing? Think about it. Most of your friends that smoke really want to quit also. Don't you ever recall looking at a group of non smokers, wishing you were them? I know they were never wishing they were smokers, like I was. Quitting smoking ruins the habit from the first time you begin a quit. Smoking will never be the same again for you, and you know that to be turn or you would, not be here.



Of course I gained weight. 10 lbs maybe more or less? I know theres a variety of thoughts on this subject. I can only share MY experience with you. I have always taken good care of myself. I once was a gym rat back in the day and taught aerobics on the side. I used to be a runner. I am no longer into the gym scene. I work out at home and I walk now and no running. I enjoy a whole food diet most day and intermittent fasting most days.  I have several sweet teeth, lol, and if I want something I do not deprive myself, but I have learned to recognize true hunger from emotional eating. Its all about balance for me.. Always has been.


I know when my body needs to rest and when it needs to move. I make it a priority to listen to it. When I quit smoking I decided I would need to listen even clearer to my body's food requirements. This was where the fasting began for me and helped me to stay in tune.  I drink a lot of water, always have. The best way I taught myself to recognize hunger vs emotional eating was with water. I start each day with water and end each day with water. If I am hungry, I drink water, wait 20 minutes and if I am still, hungry, I eat. Water is fuel. You would not put crap in the fuel tank of your car and expect it to run great, so why would I think less of my own body? You get out of it what you put in to it. My opinion.

Early in my quit I journaled my food and exercise. It helps me when I have a visual of whats going on.


Okay, thats my thoughts for the day. I'm headed out to walk Nico.


This is as good of a day as any to quit.

Missy 1689 DOF


PS: Thank you to ALL of the wonderful Elders who have taught me I am worth my quit and for sticking around to remind me /teach me and others, we can all do this together, One day at a time. Thank you to EX Community.

Together we are One!



The above reflects my opinion on quitting smoking. It may or may not apply to you. Take what you need and leave the rest. Someone always shows up for leftovers.