Get ready to PUSH

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Apr 9, 2019

As a Mother I can tell you the 9 months prior to having our sons, I went through  plenty of ‘moments’ Some good, some bad. I knew what I was getting into beforehand so I prepared for it. Then Labour pains began. Some gals don’t have them long, mine were 30 plus hours for the first child~ then a C/S for the second.


What has this to do with smoking you ask ?????

A lot actually


I have found that some of the best gifts I have ever received in this life come from going through a considerable amount of discomfort/pain. Maybe its so we can remember and appreciate all the more the gift that is about to be bestowed on us.


So the next time your suffering with your quit…turn it around and inspect it throughly. The pain is leading you to a beautiful breakthrough. Expect it and put your efforts and anger in that direction. Focus on what you can do to manage this pain at that moment and grit your teeth and go.


I have been through my share of pain recently 

What I choose to do is to look ahead for the gifts coming because I know full well this pain is not infinite.

It will pass and I will get something from it all. I always do. I dId not fully understand this concept early in my quit but I do now and I treasure the gifts i will get or have received from the pain. It leads me to growth.


I think I am about to give birth and I can't wait to PUSH , knowing and EXPECTING the precious gift will have all been worth it....AND THE PAIN WILL BE over!  I hope this helps you to look at your own pain in a different way. Good things can and do come from bad things but BAD things will never produce good. Now theres a thought. Have a great day




PS:   A wise Elder always includes in her post how she is sharing HER experience. Wise indeed and 

indingrl.01.06.2011, I am going to follow your lead from now on as well. I am going to end every post from now on with the following:




This post contains MY thoughts and MY experiences. I share them in hopes they will help another person. What works for ME may or may not work for you.

Take what you need and leave the rest. Someone will always come for the leftovers, Peace ~Missy