So you think you can dance (Quit)

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Feb 28, 2019

Uh yeah...okay...really?


Does not sound too encouraging, does it?


It works if you work it and if your gonna suggest to tell people what to do, you better be doing it yourself. Kinda, sorta. We make mistakes too.


The best thing any of us Elders can do is share our truth, our experience with you. Take it, leave it, taste it, try it or spit it out. We are not force feeding you, but we have been where your at now. Some of us cold turkey, some NRT,,,same results....we made it. Dun smoking'! We also went through trial and error periods during our quits...just like you.


Choose your path and stay the course. Theres only a  fork in the road if you choose it. Our path is really clear.. tuff at times, but ever steady and full of compassion and support. We are here to tell you we made it and you can too.


If you have already quit...think of this: if you 'give in' and will be right back to....Wishing you were..... where you are today.


If you are having trouble on the course of staying nicotine free....then be an encourager. Get active on this site. Stay active on this site.


By encouraging free yourself.

Simple~ I myself, adore simplicity.

Do yourself a favor. Be free.

Your choice~Your dance


Sweet dreams ~Missy