Be aware of your surroundings

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Dec 17, 2018

Theres a song that says that 'BLUES NOT MY COLOR...)' although its meaning is different than mine...


Sometimes in life what we actually SEE with our eyes is quite the opposite of whats going on with our mind, our thoughts  and/or our actions. Seeing most recent development, caused much undo stress over the weekend for me. I'll get back to that.....


When we initially stop smoking , although we are teaching our minds to ignore the thoughts to dive in and smoke at the hint of a desirable incident....we don't often SEE the incident as Undesirable. This takes time and practice and WILLPOWER.


Walk through it. Ahead of the action to 'light up'. Look closely at what is causing the trigger right at that very second.  What do you SEE around you that could be causing your weakness to smoke emerge? What do you FEEL around you? What do you THINK of whats happening around you. WHAT EXACTLY can YOU control about any of it.


All of those play into the action of your choice to smoke or pass it up. You will have to discern each and every crave in the beginning, EVEN IF THEY COME BACK TO BACK.




The MORE TIME YOU TAKE BREAKING EACH CRAVE DOWN AS THEY CREEP IN....the faster you will not feel the need to subject yourself to them. It will, I promise, become an instant knee-jerk reality for you to run the other way and NOT fall into 'Stinkin Thinking's lie. Thats because you are now training your brain to stop and think instead of react to every little emotion in you that wants a puff...RIGHT NOW!!!


SO Back to Blue.....


Most of you know i had surgery this past Friday. I noticed my hands and neck area started to turn blue and I was very concerned. I didn't feel cold. it was very obvious something was 'not right', to both my husband and to me...and the pain was incredible. I had been applying 'Mineral Ice' all overly neck hourly to relieve the neck / shoulder pain thats common after they pump CO2 into you during surgery.


ICEY HOT IS BLUE.....DUH! ( Your allowed to laugh) I did.


So you see....I COULD SEE that blue skin and I thought the worst and jumped to reaction. 


As a smoker....I would SEE my friends smoking, a decision I had to make, an uncomfortable position I would be in, A relaxing position I would be in and I  USED TO JUMP at the opportunity to smoke.


Now I stand back and wait awhile and watch for the situations to evolve and am glad I did. I think the Doctors office would of had a big laugh had I called and bothered them about that over the weekend, especially me being a former Surgical Assistant, wow I would have been so embarrassed.