The 13 D's of quitting Smoking

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Sep 12, 2018

Daniela-3-11-2016 recent blog about using letters of the alphabet for a game was awesome. It made me think of one letter especially . The letter D played a huge role in my quit and so now I have this list of 'D's where I can look on it everyday to lean on with ANYTHING I am struggling in or thought I'd share.  I am still an addict so its good to keep in plain site where I come from and how quickly I can fall if I don't apply these daily. Maybe it will help you too.


THE 13 D's



1.  DECIDE - Made a decision to go through what ever I had to to get the ‘breakthrough’. No hesitation.


2.  DETERMINED- took action to do whatever was needed to make the design happen


3.  DEVOTE- Time in prayer to ask for the help I needed and on this site . I still do this and now another thing I devote…is time ‘giving back on EX’ for what was given to me.


4.  DENY- Held up a firm hand and denied and excuse to rule my quit…then and now.


5.  DARING- I was bold about my final quit and proclaimed it to everyone, included myself every day


6.  DISCIPLINED- I renewed my determination sometimes many times a day


7.  DESTINED-i held onto the truth that so long as I did my part I was destined to stay quit


8.  DEFIANT- I challenged my strength to walk away from anyone who didn’t respect my quit 


9.  DELIBERATE- I knew the consequences of I took deliberate actions daily and still do, to protect my quit


10.  DESIRE- I had plenty of desire to be a non-smoker. My main focus, I had to be very selfish for awhile and take care of MY needs.


11.  DIFFERENT-I had to come to accept I was not like my smoking friends anymore and although most all of them are still in my life, there are a few I bid so long too. I learned people come and go in our lives…some are a blessin and other’s are a lesson. Nothing wrong with that. it’s called growth.


12.  DILIGENT- I was on a mission. and intently focused on the prize.


13.  DIVINE- About 3 months maybe 4. ALL of the above hard work pain off and I felt DIVINE. Still do