A crack in the windshield

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Sep 7, 2018

didn't see it coming. It came fast and cracked the windshield about a week ago when I was on the Highway coming home from our sons house.


At first it was just maybe 4 inches long but now...its nearly to the top.

Tomorrow I have an appointment to have it repaired. I was so bummed. We just got this truck this year.


Quits can crack too.


You may never see it coming. Like the rock or stone that came out of nowhere and cracked my windshield, life can hit you at any given time and throw you a curveball that you never expected.


Just be prepared. You know what your triggers are and if you don't you better find out and make a list. Decide what you will do when your faced with life and curveballs...or in my case...a rock on the highway.


Smoking won't fix my windshield

But it WILL destroy my quit.

Don't let it destroy yours.