Finally some better news...

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Aug 29, 2018

I am not, in general a very patient person but when it comes to getting answers from Doctors, unfortunately, we are at their mercy and have to wait. Once again...I am waiting but this time the end result is looking better.


I have pretty bad GERD. LA Grade C in fact and I cannot tolerate the PPI's or the protonics normally prescribed to treat it.  I do blame a lot of this on my past smoking history and even my Doctor agrees it probably played a part in it.


I constantly cough, lose my voice, can't keep food down, bloat and I burp...ALOT...and  have a limited diet ....and when I deviate and eat certain solids...well, I toss my cookies pretty quick. No coffee, no chocolate, no heavy get my point. I'd love a nice chilled glass of wine on occasion,,,,, but can't have that either. Not worth it.


So anyway, after SO many test and Doctors , ( the last surgeon wanted to do Nissan surgery ) I met with a specialist in treating GERD and he gave me yet one more test to undergo . Manometry  ( should be fun,.....EH, JUST KIDDING)....Then he feels I will be a good candidate for a surgey called Flex. It is done with a one night stay at hospital and WAY less invasive as the other.  It involves a magnetic band placed around the base of my esophagus which will prevent the acid from going up....preventing any damage to my esophagus and especially before it can cause cancer to develop. Sounds like a plan to me! He said I would not be able to burp or vomit after this procedure and Im like cool...bring it freakin on!!! I am so sick of this!


I am going to be meeting with some of his patients who have already had this procedure done and get my own feel for how it went and such.


Anyway, just another LOVELY (....again, just kidding ) health condition I brought on myself by all the years I smoked. 


There is light at the end of the tunnel now though and I am running that way full force! YAY ME!