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Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on May 7, 2018

Today I admitted my mother in law to a rehab center per Doctors orders. Because her daughters are in CA., my husband and I do most of the care for her , although she reside at a assisted living center. Long story short, she was given some meds that did not agree with her and caused her an extreme personality change, hallucinations and confusion. She is almost 93 in a couple weeks. She now finally in her right mind but she's at rehab  to help her with balance issues. We are hoping she will only have to be there one-2 weeks max.


She has 7 children. 3 daughters and 4 sons. three that are triplets. Her husband passed 39 years ago and she remained unmarried. Loyal to the Catholic church, she has been such a strong influence in my own life and she is more like a Mother than a Mother-in-law.

 Only has 3 of her sons here in this area. Everyone else is out n CA. Next Tuesday, the 3 girls are coming here to stay with us for one week to visit and spend time with their Mom. Heres my question:


Do you think it would be to hard or weird for me to ask my Mother-in-law to write a personal letter to each of her children that they could have and cherish after she's 'gone'? I thought it might be a neat thing for her to work on while she's at this care center. She keeps saying how she wishes she could just die. Its heartbreaking for me to hear. Am I out of line to ask this of her? I appreciate any advise. I thought about a video message but then I thought may be she would want to be more private. What do you think?