Redirecting your ANGER and/or RAGE

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Apr 16, 2018

I see it almost everyday driving back and forth to our sons to watch the twins.

Sometime very obvious sometimes...well you know its there, just taking it's time to build.


I had a taste of it myself today, but not on the highway. I was on the other end of a conversation that made me feel as though I was the subservient  and anger began to build...oh, so silently...quietly...and by the time I got home, after dwelling on it for an hour drive...I opened up to my better half.


He is wise and patient, not like me,who is very gullible , inpatient and reactive. HOWEVER...I am a work in progress and today as I shared my dilemma, I was able to slow down my thought process and...WELLA...I had become WISE!


I bring this up because when I was a smoker , ALL decisions had to be made when I SMOKED. My brain NEEDED the nicotine to process anything and everything.


Here I am closing in on 4 years quit in September and am finally 'getting it'.

It takes time, more for others I guess, like me. I did everything with a cigarette, decisions, decisions....


I was really upset when I got home but instead of allowing a full blown rage, I calmed myself down, talked to my husband and came to the conclusion that no, I was not unreasonable and I was within my rights ( regarding the situation).


I never thought of smoking over it and I am at peace now.This peace is for you as well. Take time to process, when your new in your quit and something upsets you. You don't have to account for anything that very minute. Allow yourself to feel, grieve and cry of you need to. Others can wait for your when your good and ready. Put yourself first and take care of you  Hope this helps someone.


Allow it to heal