Damaging Relationships...are you in one with Nicotine?

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Mar 12, 2018

Nicotine and I used to be inseparable. We did most everything together.

We battled through bad times~ Sad times and we rejoiced in the good times. 


I really thought I was in love and would never leave it. Could never leave it. It would surely end me and all the happy days of my life. I would never be able to 'relax' again.


I had many friends/family tell me how bad this relationship was for me.

How could that be true...did'nt they see how happy I was. Little did I know that as I remained in this long relationship , damage was being produced deep inside of me...and I was soon to find out I needed to drop this like a bad habit.


OH WAIT.....It IS a bad habit and also a thief and a liar!


The journey was hard. I cried and cried. I had trouble focusing on things,sleeping....what was that? I had horrid bursts of anger, then looked back many many times and wondered...hummmm, just one...I can smoke just one.


No I can't. I would be right back to where I used to be.....wishing I was where I am now. FREE!


  Theres other types of damaging relationships, yes, I know. I have walked through that valley also and I have risen above it. I'm not here to discuss that....Im sure many on here have had or are in those in one aspect of their life or another.

Today I am discussing the relationship we HAD or HAVE with Nicotine.


It was a choice then and it is a choice now and everyday for the rest of 

( my ) your life...Not to smoke. N.O.P.E.


We have many beautiful examples of folks on this site who have broken off that damaging relationship with Nicotine. Some who have been around for years and some who are rather fresh but are digging in there heels because they want what we end the madness and the relationship with Nicotine.


It is so very possible to live happily without the smokes. I never in a million years thought I could, but I am here today to tell you...

Yes You Can !!!


One more thing I do need to add.....I failed so many , many times at leaving this relationship. I was a basket case and a bag of mixed nuts...I needed shelled for sure and for certain.

The Elders here taught me that until I truly understood the how and the why I was always failing at my quit...I would continue to keep going around the same old mountain.


Isn't it time you stop and figure this out. Are you ready to see other views of the mountain? Maybe even leave the mountain and get a fresh start with another view? 




Just Do It



Have a great Day! I'm off to go babysit my twin grand daughters, I'm so glad they will NEVER smell smoke on me or my breath!




Missy 1287 DOF