Happy New You

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Feb 14, 2018

Happy Valentines Day


AND to all the new folks on the Site...Happy New You!


Theres so many New people and its wonderful to see! I have not had much time to be on computer so wanted to just say hello and welcome everyone thats new and to say hello to the regulars here on Ex.


This site is loaded with information on how to prepare to quit smoking and how to quit smoking. Makes no difference what tools you choose to use to quit because everyone has something that works better for them. While we may not all agree on how to quit and stay quit we all agree that quitting smoking was one of the best things we did for ourselves...and our hearts-lungs...well, everything really.


Many of us have health problems related to our past smoking and some of us have health issues not related to it at all.


Body image -Body weight and diet is another thing I see often with new quitters who are concerned about that when they quit. Personally I feel your going to see many changes that are actually good for you when you quit and the few negative ones such as weight gain. Don't stress it. Look at it as a challenge to prepare for the New Non Smoking You. 


Newbies, explore the site- keep an open mind - blog often -use this site on good and bad days-and feel free to ask any of us about any aspect of quitting . 


Anyway just wanted to pop in say hello and wish everyone a Happy Valentines Day!