Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Dec 29, 2017

There was an old woman who chocked on her smoke

She wanted to quit cause she felt like a dope

It was so cold outside, her breath she could see

But no matter what , she'd do the deed...


She would smoke when she was mad

She would smoke when was Happy

Heck, she even smoked  when she felt a bit crappy


She kept a spare smoke hidden in the cabinet above

Just in case someone else would smoke

These death sticks she loved


Then came a day she'd thought never come

She got very sick and thought

This smoking is dumb


She failed many times at the beginning

She even had 3 months in and thought she was winning

But the nicotine monster kept nagging at her

And she ended up smoking...that day is a blur


It was time, she decided

To clean up her act,

she went back to the Ex Site

As a matter of fact.


She buckled down quickly

And did all that they said

She knew if she didn't

She soon could be dead


Now this old lady is finally free

The craves have all left her

She's happy as can be

I know this is true

For the lady is me


So if your one that stumbles and fall

And relapse and think no big deal at all.....

The secret, be told..if you want to stay quit....

Study this site and chew on it.... a bit


Thats my lil ditty to ya 'all on this fine COLD evening.

Gotta go watch the Buckeyes now, make popcorn and chill with my hubby!

Nite all!


Last minute thought: if you really want to quit something you will find a way to quit...or you'll find an excuse.