It pays to choose good building supplies for your quit

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Jul 10, 2017

So yeah, this is the new house...still getting soaked and still awaiting a roof. Has been an extremely discouraging week and test of patience for us. We got dumped on royally today. Inside we have baby pools and buckets everywhere....thus the implication of my title...."....  choose good building supplies..." well we did but recently found out it was installed wrong....the paper stuff on the roof. Great. 


Same goes for you with your quit....How prepared are you? Really....did you just wake up one day or just snuff out your last smoke ,had an epiffiany and said...'I Quit'? Good luck cause many don't succeed quitting like that. Take it from an old fool like me....I choose that method way to many times. It wasn't until I smartened up and educated myself on What made the habit of smoking a habit.


Your best success for quitting and staying quit will rely on the effort you put into researching and truly understanding your brains receptors that have grown so attached to the smokes. Once you clearly see how the addiction developes and grows and you learn how to  gather the proper supplies and put them to use, you will be on your way to a freedom unlike one you may not have experienced in a very long time.


Meanwhile, lesson learned here. Roofers tacked up some more paper on roof this morning but had to stop due to storms in area. They have a plan to start the metal in the morning. Really hoping weather cooperates because we are both just sick about this. 


While we we don't have any control of the weather, people, places or things...

we can make better choices with our building may not take the storms away, but it just may help you get through them.