Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on May 25, 2017

Our oldest son and his wife announced yesterday that she is pregnant with TWINS!!! She is 9 weeks ,so around Xmas, we will get this special package!  We are thrilled. She is a twin herself and my Husbands Mother had triplets years ago. Poor Poor DIL, she was doomed to have a multiple birth. We have their other son here now who is 7. He said to his Mom and Dad...."I'm so proud of you Mom", hahahaha! Out of the mouth of babes!


In the morning we get our other grandson who is almost 11 months old for the weekend. Nana and Papa will be happily busy!


On another note, was in ER this past Monday afternoon. Small lung leak. My back was so sore and bad shortness of breath, lots of sinus congestion as well...Am back on prednisone and Z-PAC.  Another chest X-ray next week. They really feel this is all Asthma/ Allergy related , in ER. Pollen is extremely high around our area, so maybe?? Am still folllowing up with specialist next monththough for another opinion.


Anyway, so happy I can enjoy my grandbabies and they will NEVER see me smoke or snuggle up to a stinky Nana, just sayin......G'Night all, sweet dreams!