Quiet in here this morning....

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on May 19, 2017

Or perhaps just to early?


Anyway, I hope all our EX weekenders are having a great time. I also hope the weather is behaving for them. We got some bad storms last night here in the Buckeye State...and more on the way, looks like.


Yesterday I went to our grandsons little league game and as I returned to my car, the one parked next to me was literally filled with smoke. Upon further curious glances, I saw two small kids in the backseat and apparently 'Mother' puffing away up in the front seat while using her cell phone.

So being the helpful person that I am, hahahaha.....I tapped on her window. She rolled it down and with cigarette in mouth and phone to ear...squinting, because the lingering smoke was going directly into her eye....she just looked at me like I grew a third eye. I smiled and just for the heck of it acted like I couldn't hear her. Hmm, could she please roll the window down a little more??? She did. I added her if she knew if the next game was at this same field....She couldn't hear me as I deliberately kept my voice down as she continued to smoke so.... I asked this time...she had finished her smoke.....the clouds in side the car had lifted and the kids looked happy again. I told her I knew what she was going through, that I used to smoke. She said she has been trying to quit. BRAVO, I told her about this site and the WHYQUIT site. She said she would look at them. I told her if she's serious she should at least not make the kids smoke. She looked at me funny, huh??? I said, with every cigg she smoked they were as well in the backseat....if she would only see the smoke. ooooooooooooo, she said, your right. She felt guilty and bad. She had never thought of it that way before. She and I went on our ways, and I don't know if she will come here or not but I felt I had to do something. It was like watching a dog suffer in a hot car and I told her as much. She got my point and actually didn't get defensive or mean. I was glad., These days, ya never know.


Success! Temporarily, but at least the smoke cleared even if it was a brief time for the kids in the backseat.


My message today is this. Smoking harms those around us as much if not more. Our mates suffer, our sweet children, grandchildren and our beloved pets. Consider the helpless children in the car. When we make a choice to continue to smoke, we are hurting them as well. Ahhhh, so you try to smooth it over and say " well I don't smoke around them". do. You carry it inside you. It lingers and stinks through your very pores, your clothes, your hands.


Paint yourself into a new picture but keep the old one close as a reminder.....we don't do that anymore.


Choose today, not to. Have a great SMOKEFREE weekend.~Missy