Why Weight?-Water/Walk

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on May 17, 2017

I was. Overtime I had tried in the past to quit, I began to gain weight. Then a great thing happened. I decided it was more important to quit and worry about the weight gain later.


It worked.


Simple advice here. WATER/WALK


Make it your best friend. Don't worry that you will often run to the loo , within a few days your bladder will adjust and thats won't be  a big deal. Besides, its good for you.....WATER/WALK


I honestly ate whatever I wanted and yep I gained weight....not a lot, maybe 10lb. I also walked and continue to every morning rain or shine.  The weight I gained didn't stick around long....... WATER/WALK


The walking gives me time to reflect, things out in me brain. Takes anxiety away and energizes me. I start my water intake AFTER my walk though. I drink a lot of water in a day about a gallons worth. WATER/WALK


When I quit I put 5 pennies on the window cill next to a large tumbler and a small little cup. When ever i finished drinking a full tumbler, I slipped a penny into the little cup. At the end of the day it was my goal to have all 5 pennies in the cup. I also had on hand...and I know this is gross...a small pickle jar that I filled partially with water and old cigg butts ( did the early in my quit). Seeing that nasty jar reminded me I was poisoning myself should I continue to smoke and the water represented life. I choose life.....WATER/WALK


Don't sweat the small stuff. Drink WATER and WALK. If you cant can still drink water

Have a beautiful smoke free day! Missy