Have a wonderful Easter Everyone!

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Apr 14, 2017

I have missed being here recently. Our Internet is through DISH and for some reason, we have had really bad connections here. I sometimes am able to get online, but my computer won't always allow me to log in. This is also happening with our iPad. Soon. if I am not here much for awhile until we get this worked out...thats why. Living pretty far out in the country as we do...Internet is not always working well.


Meanwhile, I had luck just now getting connected and wanted take the opportunity to tell you ALL HAPPY BLESSED EASTER WEEKEND!!! Im grateful for our Savior and for ALL OF YOU AT EX!


For all of you who are struggling and new to the site I just want to say it WILL get better. YOU will get better. I failed many many times before I was successful  but let me tell you....this site, these folks kept me encouraged. So come often and blog often. Read read read...oh and did I say read??? The more knowledge you get into your mind about this  addiction, the better your quit will go. You must Go through to get the breakthrough, we all did. Pin down what makes you want to smoke ...learn the WHY of this addiction as it applies to you.


Theres no magic dust or potion unfortunately. I never dreamed I would ever be able to be free of it. I truly told myself that I liked to smoke. Once I learned how the drug nicotine worked on my brain, I came to understand why I THOUGHT I loved to smoke.


Oh, and I used Vicks Vapor rub under my nose a bunch. It took away craves instantly. I occasionally used the Vicks inhaler, but not often. Bottom line was getting educated about the drug Nicotine, for me anyway.


Happy Easter to all and hopefully I will be online more by next week. I have my Dr. Appt on Monday to get all the lung test results back. Keeping fingers crossed.

Love to ya all~Missy