Im Sorry

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Mar 18, 2017

Connies post got me to thinking...perhaps I don't taste my words enough before I spit them out. 


If I have ever dished out any TUFF LOVE to anyone here on Ex, it has NEVER been my intention to belittle or hurt anyone....ever. I only used the very same technique that was used in here on ME that actually made me take my quit more seriously and work harder at maintaining it.


Anyway...I have the upmost respect for EVERYONE here. Because weather your an hour quit or a year are here...and you want what we have. Freedom from Nicotine addiction.


Personally, Tuff love was good for me. It was never dished out in a mean way. I feel Tuff Love can be a good thing , it reminded me of the seriousness of this addiction. To me tuff love means I care enough to share with you how I got through the bad times/craves without all the sugarcoating. It does not mean I care any less, it just means to me anyway.....I won't always have someone there to hold my hand and walk me through. I have to be ready and prepared at all times to handle , alone if need be, the craves or situations as they arise.


Anyway, I care about all of you here at Ex. I will not dish out anymore tuff love. I am so sorry if I ever offended anyone. It was NEVER my intention. I am only here because I wanted to give back to others as they gave to me, and the tuff love was a HUGE part of what the elders gave me to get me to  a successful quit .


Hope everyone has a great evening. Watching the movie 7 pounds now with sweet hubby , so gotta run. Love to all