Still coughing

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Feb 28, 2017

This just stinks, I can barley carry on a conversation without coughing. Went into Dr. Monday morning. Blood work, chest x-rays and referral to a Pulmonary Doctor who's office is supposed to contact me to set up appointment. Very short of breath but pulse aux was about 90...still.....Having MS on top of this, I am just plain worn out. To top this off we are preparing to build a new home this summer, which should be exciting, but I am dreading it.


Okay, so heres some good news. I have 910 days of freedom today. My health otherwise is great. Im not pushing daisies, lol. My family is all well, as are our three grandkids ages 7 months, 3 years and 7 years. I am only a MILD case of MS , so that could be worse.....This too shall pass.


Anyway, just wanted to stop by and say hello and congrats to everyone on a smoke free day! Ill be more active in here when I am feeling better.:)