Think it through BEFORE you light up

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Feb 24, 2017

Your Stinking Thinkin could be getting in the way of your quit. You need to keep your guard up at all times.

Be aware of whats going on around you and THINK THROUGH the actions BEFORE you cave into it.


When I quit I was sure I would never really have fun anymore. I would certainly not be able to enjoy a glass or two of wine with friends after dinner because I ALWAYS had to smoke if I was consuming alcohol. I also had no crutch to 'go to' anymore when I was upset about something, starting or finishing ant task, making a decision about anything really....always required a cigarette . I could go on but am sure you follow.


In the past my quits failed because number one, I didn't take the time to truly understand the WHY I was so dependent on smoking and because I had not truly , whole  heartedly , changed my thinking .


So the next time you are considering breaking a quit you have going stop and think through the entire cigarette. Are you just needing instant gratification? Because thats all your gonna get. Once you snuff the nasty thing out your problem is still there awaiting for you patiently and you just set your quit back to all over again , day one. You will feel like crap because you blew it.....again.


So before you light up, think it through:


Write down first all the reasons you think you should go ahead a smoke the stupid thing. Then write down everything you KNOW your gonna feel after you do. Come to this site. Post it. Read blogs.


I know this is a little out there, but whatever works, right? I wore a rubber band around my wrist and when ever I felt like a cigarette, I snapped it. It was a reminder for me that the pain of the snap only lasts a few seconds....much like the smoking gratification would only last a few seconds. It reminded me my life is worth more.


So happy Friday and get snappin', make it snappy....and THINK IT THROUGH