Neat new site!

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Jan 25, 2017

I am liking this new format ! Unfortunately I have not explored everything on here yet so I think once I have time to sit down, I will figure it all out. I have been helping with the grandkids, two are sick and no Mom and Dad are catching it, so I have been very busy since yesterday. once I get caught up and have more time To see how to navigate this new site, you will see more of me. Hopefully I am in the right spot now? Could someone tell me if where it says ' conversations' that where we read everyone's blogs?

i also noticed I am getting some emails with friends blogs!....??? No worries, If you can't answer. I will soon find time to figure it out.


meanwhile I hope your all enjoying a smokefree day....and hang in there to those of you who are struggling. The freedom you will gain is SO worth the effort!ewwwwww, me thinks me gonna like this new EX site