Day ??

Blog Post created by Mamacleveland on Jul 18, 2018

Lost count at the moment. Just got home from attending the 2nd funeral in 5 days. Tired. But I didn’t smoke. Not one cigarette. Wanted I relied heavily on cigarettes during stressful times like these in the past. I chose to not need nicotine...ever again.

Crossed another milestone....I told my parents that I was 11 days smoke free. I had been afraid to tell them as I didn’t want to slip and have to tell them I failed. Dad is 80 and mom is 82...the last thing I want to do is disappoint them. Every day with them is a blessing. Anywhoo...the look in my mom’s eyes when I told her I had quit smoking was everything I dreamed it would be. She was so happy and so proud. That look gave me so much strength to continue this smoke free journey. 

I’m on this journey for myself. Make no mistake about that. However, the support I have received from my loved ones has been so awe-inspiring....and provides me strength when I have weak moments. I’m so very blessed.

I would like to thank this community for being here, being supportive, and creating the daily pledge especially. The holding hands is a true commitment for me. I take that pledge very seriously. 

This entry may seem a little all over the place but that’s kinda where my head is after today. Gonna sign off for now and take a little rest.

God bless you all! Peace Love and Smoke Free