Sadly missing

Blog Post created by Maki on Dec 16, 2020



What is great about this community is it not too small not too big . It is personal , it's like family , a family you know will have your back , a family that won't let you down , a family with who you can share your struggles and the craziness of quitting , who will understand your trials . A family you can celebrate with , cry with , walk with . A family you can sit around a bonfire with or around the Christmas tree with and have great conversation and fun . 

This is a place you will be missed if you leave and even more welcomed upon return . You will have support , from friends and guidance in your journey from the Mayo blogs , the best of ex and from others who care about you and stay to pay forward their gratefulness . 

So come on in , pull up a chair or a cup of tea or coffee and join in . It matters not the number of your quit , you are a person here . Everything you share is valued by those already here and those to come behind you . You are a newcomer that can relate , express your thoughts and understand better than most of us , what another newcomer might be feeling . Us oldtimers were there and haven't forgotten . We all take one day at a time . What we thought couldn't be done , each of us is proving ourselves wrong . It can be done ! 

Hope to see some new faces this day , this month and this year .