Dual addiction . Smoking and weight .

Blog Post created by Maki on Nov 25, 2020

It wasn't until March 2020  that I decided to take action towards losing my quit weight . When covid began , so did my determination to take responsibility for another lifestyle change ; to take action in a healthy way rather than to react by eating , couch sitting , and being negative .
I already knew I could do it , I knew what it would take , because I'd done it before .
My first attempt at losing weight was 15 years ago .. I was exactly 300 pounds . I was addicted to the comfort of food , not food itself but the comfort it gave me . The problem was that sense of comfort never lasted but a few hours and then I felt lousy .

I'd have to feed myself again and again soon after as the high I got from sugar soon crashed . This is similar to quitting cigarettes .This why you must starve your craves , Feed it , it will want more,  starve it the body adjusts.

Quite like cigarettes food was my friend . Coping with life was an addictive behaviour for me one I've learned can be changed . It's a process,  but well worth putting effort in to .

Two of the most judgemental things people in the world use to bully people , frown upon , and compare people to I was addicted to . Alcohol was never my problem but food and cigarettes , oh ya. They went hand in hand .

So on my first attempt to lose weight! I lost 16O pounds in three years . I did it by walking , dancing to Elton Johns Crocodile Rock and Celine Dion  cds . I was faithful in n my commitment , determined and dedicated to getting healthy . I put my baggage down and started caring for me. 

I excersised with a broken down stationary bike with no diet changes other than no pop and no junk food .

I kept the weight off until I quit smoking . It was while I quit over the last 8 years I gained roughly 40 pounds back , but that wasn't all , I had a medication weight gain as well that I was going to have to deal with . Another 25 pounds. I ate junk food . I stopped walking .  I highly recommend to quitters to walk . I let depression overcome , and overwhelm without taking action . 

In March 2020 because of covid entering the picture I decided to lose my quit weight . 8 months fast forward , I've lost my quit weight and 1/2 the med weight . The toughest has being the med weight. Losing the first 40 pounds was easy and fast . Please don't let weight be your excuse not to quit smoking . To lose the weight like quitting smokng just took discipline , and commItment , for which I needed to be responsible for . 

You see you can't quit , you gotta keep at it .


Quitting smoking was one of the hardest things I've ever done , yet it is very doable even for one with depression , anxiety , stress , and more , and it is one of the most beneficial things for your own health and the health of others .

Others here including myself can tell you that .

Read the testimony . It doesn't come from a book ; comes from reality , open hearts and hard work . A pill won't cure it , a book isn't a magical answer for it and it doesn't go away by itself . Hard work pays good when YOU work hard .


Success in weight loss for me is not about the perfect waist size ,  not the perfect BMI , or the hour glass figure , it's about getting rid of the junk I put into my body , Same goes for smoking , it's junk . It's useless . 


You know I failed to read the label on cigarettes , or rather chose not to , I did the same eating . How many have taken medicine without reading ingredients ...  now I know labels are there for a reason .. and it's our responsibility to, read the small print because what's hiding in small print can kill you .