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Blog Post created by Maki on Oct 12, 2020

Don’t throw your quit away 
Like its nothing .
The work that you put into it,
Was all because you cared.

Don’t throw your quit away ,
Like there’s no point to it ,  no value , no worth
Each day that you got passed a crave
Was one more day on earth .

You are worth the time it takes ,
To conquer this and win
The Ex walks along beside you
Lift high your head and chin .

Your doing really great
Take each day

One by one
And go to bed a winner

You'll see … You won!


Everyone asks "when will it get better" so ,

                When will it ? 

When you quit seeing quitting smoking as a mistake 

When you see your value instead of the cigarette 

When you decide you are more important that a puff . 


I hope you all have a very rewarding quit day . Be patient , persistent , committed , the reward is coming .