Can you put a price tag on it ?

Blog Post created by Maki on Oct 4, 2020

What's your value?  What price do you put on yourself ? Are you worth a thousand bucks , a million bucks or a cigarette ?  If you think you should smoke then do it . Go ahead , no one will stop you . If you think you are worth a million bucks or a thousand , then quit smoking . Stop. Don't Let anything or anyone including yourself stand in the way . 

Be honest with yourself .

If a cigarette is what you think you are worth , chances are you won't quit . You will idolize smoking and put it before you , your family , your children , your friends . Don't put it on a pedistal . You are of value not it .  

I can tell you many smokers "think" they have no value . They " think " they don't have self esteem or what it takes to succeed . 

It's why they smoke and it's a lie from the pit of hell .

We are our worst enemy . 

A smoker may say if they are going to die they will die a happy smoker but deep down they know that is a lie too . They are scared as hell of death , scared as hell they'll die a smoker .

What emotion are they feeling ? Guilt, shame , disgust , sadness , anger . Do they have a hard time thinking they are of worth ? What is it ? Where Is the road block and why ? Take it down . 

Does success depend on others opinion of whether you can or can't quit or your opinion . 

Do smokers need to smoke over what someone else has said or done or choose to . 

Break whatever bondage you need to . You can quit ..... just decide to .