Whats that crackling sound ?

Blog Post created by Maki on Sep 5, 2020

What's that crackling sound? 


Its not fire wood burning in the fire pit . 

Its not walking on dry leaves in the fall . 

Its the sound that lungs make because of years of too much smoke and lung disease . It's COPD . 

Its a sound any one of us , at any age can have.

COPD can be mild , silent until you hear the crackling sound . 

It's a sound any one of us would be concerned about because we were smokers .

Crackling sounds are a concern when you have any form of lung disease or COPD . 


For years we swept / I swept smoking under the rug . There was no reason for concern .

For years I ignored the side effects of smoking because I didn't hear my lungs crackling .  I didn't cough , I wasn't breathless . For years I thought I was spared . There were no warnings other than what was on the pack until ...... 



Mild copd can show no symptoms , in fact most people aren't diagnosed until they have moderate COPD . I was diagnosed early but I ignored it . 


Pardon me for being blunt now ok . I know you understand. 

Are you on the fence about quitting ?

Get off the fence ! Quit smoking now pleas  ! Don't just half heartedly quit , QUIT ! Take it seriously because you are of worth and value to the ones you love .  Don't wait for the crackling  to begin .

Don't wait for the breathlessness to begin ! 

Quit now so you can enjoy the crackling of the fire in a fire pit over hot chocolate with your friends and family and eat toasted marshmallows or s'mores x 4 .    Walk , breathe , laugh , smile . 





                                            Listen ..... 

                                            Listen to the cracklings of the leaves under your feet .