The way we think impacts the way we act

Blog Post created by Maki on Jul 28, 2020

Today's post is a way of expression to let tension and stress pass . It's my way to get it out and to move forward . It has been my way of not living under the cloud but remembering that behind them the sun still shines .  

I found that writing my quit journey was helpful to get through intrusive craves , the waves of self doubt , the bitterness fear and anger that can rot a soul . The release was overwhelming . The heavy baggage lifted . The worry disappated, and joy permeated .

                                           " The way we think impacts the way we act " 

If today is dark , if today you are like me , I extend a hand to you . You are NOT walking alone . You are NOT forgotten . You are NOT judged . There are people who understand and if you feel in the dark about your quit today or if you are depressed today or stressed today those who are stronger today WILL KEEP the light of hope , love and peace ON FOR YOU .

                                       May it radiate beams of wellness FOR you and TO you .