What's in a cigarette

Blog Post created by Maki on Jul 6, 2020

I was reading the bonfire results below . How cool is that . It's a lot of butts not smoked , a lot of butts not in the water or on our streets or doorsteps . But while those are off the streets more are still coming or already there . Come on world no buts about it , smoking kills . Tobacco companies and their accomplices aren't going away anytime soon . They can pay off anyone they want to , to fight their battle . Money is their weapon and source of control . They can pay off anyone they want just like they did Drs and movie stars years ago to get what they want . Money from people like us . Who are they paying now ... wow ! Educate yourself ! Who do you think will stop them ? When will we see that smoking is a pandemic that there is no cure for .

We as a world , we as ex smokers have to educate ourselves and others . The only way out of this is to literally stop buying into the cause .  In my opinion this one got away on us because we never educated ourselves . When we didn't listen to the warning it was too late . There is no cure but the people . 

Read about who invests in big T , read about who big T gives money to , read and educate , it will open your eyes . Read about what other companies have dealings with them . What other people have dealings with them . What other things does Big T own . Cereal with your smokes ? big T ? Read about their tactics . Read read read and educate . It will turn your stomach so bad you will never want another cigarette .