Blog Post created by Maki on Jun 6, 2020

Taking time out . I am search of some good old laughter here , somewhere, anywhere , but it just seems the world has gone sad and mad , and I'll be darned it will take me down with it . 

I am certainly grateful I took one day at a time and never smoked and never gave in when things got hard or when people were cruel . Trust me there are those who don't want you to succeed in life . I never budged off my smoke free perch until I could fly so no matter what happens around me now , I don't smoke cause I'm an ex , and I don't choke , I don't buy into depression and I fly free.

I change the things I can however , The flight path may still have its storms , but diversity doesn't stop me , it challenges me .....

        So off I go for a few days to just lap up joy in ways that make me feel good . Ways that make me happy inside , ways that uplift my spirits . 

         Ya gotta know when you need time outs to refuel , renourish and replenish the love . 


Its stopped raining  but you know what the sun has always been there for us . Sometimes we just don't see it . 

Enjoy another smoke free day everyone .