Blog Post created by Maki on May 29, 2020

@Finally after years from a zapped energy nightmare I find myself energy driven . Driven to walk , driven to keep my quit even more ,  driven to try new things , driven to challenge myself . I attribute a lot of this to quitting smoking and a lot to life saving blood plasma and donors that's changed my life . Grateful . 

It may have taken time and very uncomfortable times ; work and very hard work ; patience sometimes frustrating but again , it was worth it . Every day , every month , every year and everything within in that time period was worth it . The great , the good , the bad , and the ugly . 

Our whole body composition was altered with smoking and l think we really don't know how much damage was done . I think far more that we ever thought . 

When I think of a burnt out building that's how I see my body now when I think of cigarettes and smoking . It's scary , it smells gross and everything that is beautiful can be gone with a spark . Now I've quit , I've rebuilt .  Thousands upon thousands of cigarettes , inhaled tar , nicotine , and chemicals went into my body . Some chemicals I think are now banned even environmentally banned because of their dangers .

As long as I didn't have that nagging cough I thought no harm done to myself or anyone . Plenty of time . 

Let us never forget that first puff is what led us all here . That FIRST puff starts a slip , that FIRST puff starts a relapse , that FIRST puff is the thief .

This thief does not visit us disguised after the FIRST puff  . We know him /her /it well .  It comes in plainly dressed clothes of white , is skinny and is a potent thief and liar .  



                     If "IT"comes knocking at your , or my door today , tomorrow, next week , or next year .....

                                    What will you do , what will I do , what will all of us together do ? 

                                                                           We will keep quit driven. 

                                                                    Its the best thing we will ever do .