Being positive when things don't feel positive

Blog Post created by Maki on May 13, 2020

Good morning sunshine ! Good morning people . 


Yes, it's a beautiful sunshiny day in my neck of the woods and I'm spending it in my space . Not so bad , the world is a big place and I have my own place , space , my own view, you and family a call away .

I have shelter , food, and song in my heart . So far I have woken up , I've had coffee, got cleaned up , made my bed , did my hair. Pretty good start to the day .

I've listened to the birds and felt the warmth of the sun on my deck and I have a great playlist lined up to listen to later on. Pup needs a short walk . That makes her happy . Her name shoulda been happy , or joy , cause she brings me both . She has allergies , so she's wiped down after every walk .  She's fed, she has a home , she is loved . She trusts us . 

We as a people look for that kind of love and trust too .

When people or pets , or pets and humans look after each other , there is that feeling that everything is going to be alright . That's love . 


Yes , it is indeed quite nice out today , it's going to be plus 17c . The temps have risen somewhat over the last few days and I noticed this morning the leaves are beginning to unfold in all their glory . Wow it's amazing how that happens isn't it ? Through bitter cold and snow they survive and when the spring comes what a change . It's somewhat magical isn't it . 


Like most I have lots of things I could complain about or worry about or be angry at too , but I choose not to waste my time on it this moment . This moment is for gratitude. This moment is to feel the sun , see the trees , hear the birds , smell the sweet scent of morning coffee , touch and pet poochy here beside me . Acknowledge my blessings however big or small .


Positive thoughts makes ones problems just a little bit lighter don't they ? Positive thoughts get us out of a negative space.  Positivity won't always make things go away , but they will make things better . Even though each of us has our own heavy load this morning perhaps concerns for our own health , family , friend, our future, or finances , one moment today we can find our sun . find our gratefulness . 


The same goes if any of us is struggling with our quit this morning . Find the positive .  At the end of the day if you find you are still quit ...  that should bring joy to your heart , and gratefulness to your heart . That's positive . 

You can have that 365 days a year .

If you forgot about that after dinner cigarette today ,well that should bring joy to your heart. That's positive .  If you noticed your hair doesn't smell like crap from nicotene when you washed your hair today or your nails are losing that yellow look and smell that should be something that makes you smile today . Those are positives in your day , and in your quit . 


Can't see the light at  the end of the tunnel yet , keep walking . Stuck at home ?  Feeling alone , isolated , hopeless ? Can you find a positive from it ? There are many . Have you had extra time to learn something new, whatever .. find the positive . Can you find gratefulness in the wind or in the sun or in the birds singing or the joy your pet brings to you or Can you see those beautiful majestic trees from your window ?

Have you maybe noticed even a butterfly fly by , or a bird , or noticed a flower that's opened its pedals to greet your day that wasn't there yesterday .


I find all these things are love . They've been given to us freely .

It's so easy to find the negative that makes us feel even worse isn't it , but it's much more freeing , uplifting and positive to find the positive . 

None of us should miss out on that today even if it takes practise .