It began with love

Blog Post created by Maki on Apr 4, 2020

When I quit smoking I told myself I didn't have a choice to smoke . Like many I used smoking to cope with stressful times . If I got over those stressful times I breathed a sigh of relief and smoked . 


Quitting smoking sent me on a self discovery project .


Every hour of every day was first spent in thought about quitting and about smoking .

The physical response to craves were the need to satisfy them ; those kept my addiction alive . 

Then it was the want to keep it alive .

It was a battle of the mind ; a tug of war game after game , battle after battle .

I didn't see the third party in all of this ... the one watching me struggle so bad when I didn't have to .... yet waited patiently for me to see it ; patiently for me to realize this wasn't about control ... it was surrendering . 


Change of thought didn't happen in my brain first ; it happened in my heart .


It began with love .