Addiction And My Mission 

Blog Post created by Maki on Mar 6, 2020

Addiction And My Mission 



There was a mission I set out to do
To break a vicious cycle , that kept me close to you .

You played the role of being my friend ; a part you played so well 

You knew my every need ... even when and how I'd fail .

Now its time .... to out smart ....YOU ! 

After YEARS of giving in 
How long in ANGER can I dwell ? 

Before you take my life within ? 


OPEN my eyes that I might see 
There are no chains ; nor keys 
Nothing holds me shackled 

I CAN and WILL BE free .


Oh my addiction a MENTAL game 

Objective plain to see
Clearly you want to win the game 
Over opponents such as me 

But I'm not foolish like I once was 

I'm smarter than I used to be
I know how addiction how you play the game 
How you bend the rules to please .

But I don't play with cheats and liars ...  
I don't play with thieves
I don't play when all's NOT fair
I just walk away and leave .

So who's the winner now my friend 

I see YOU there alone
No one wants to play with you ? 
Goodbye ,
                 Get lost  ,
                              Go home . 



                                                                     I. M. Grateful Maki 


Anyone on Ex for a game of chess ?