It's dark in there

Blog Post created by Maki on Feb 29, 2020


Don't let No Mans Land keep you wandering around with your head held low wondering when or if it will end and when will you get through . 


30- I00 days is a suggested time frame when No Mans Land might occur not the amount of time it will occur . You don't have to stay there long . It's up to you . 


If we are stuck in slow motion or stalled , I think we need to ask ourselves is it because we are romancing the cigarette , going through No Mans Land or has one just hit a plateau where the next step ahead is frightening .

Are you in a comfort zone afraid of the next step ?


At 30 days, a 100 days even a year quit , honestly , I didn't feel any where near ready to be called an elder or an ex smoker . I understood addiction better than when I started , but I wasn't sure I'd come out the other side smoke free . I struggled often to keep going and not throw in the towel that first year . I had hoped I would think and feel differently that far into a quit but I didn't feel different at all and I still didn't think different .

I did know however , that the only requirement to be quit was to stay quit so I kept going . Patience was not my strong point . I'm better at it now lol . 

My biggest fear was not failure it was was success .


I spent years leaning against a wall supported by a cigarette dreaming about being quit , yet living in fear and failing every time I came close to success so I just stayed in No Mans Land  . It was comfortable there and uncomfortable , yet I made no move to get out .Taking that next step forward and stepping out of the dark set me free. 

If you wonder if will you be able to live life without your crutch or if you find that fear of success is standing in your way to move forward it's ok ... I understand . Take that step forward . You will be ok . Come into the light . 


Remember we have your back . You are not alone .