Having to restart ?

Blog Post created by Maki on Feb 11, 2020

Having to push the restart button over and over was so exhausting , so discouraging and so defeating . I felt hopeless that "I" may one day be quit. I learned that to keep a quit I had to make a firm committment to MYSELF that I could not continue to do what I had always done.

Some craves can be really tough but everyone we get through has less power the next time.

I remember how exhausting it was, battling craves and battling my mind, battling craves; battling my mind ; until one day miraculously I totally and completely understood that smoking was not an option anymore ; for ANY REASON ! That mean’t my cigs were NOT on the TABLE , NOT on the CHAIR , NOT ANYWHERE ! They were NOT on the counter , NOT at the store !

Letting go of the romance I was giving to cigarettes brought relief . Only then did I REST in PEACE knowing what my goal WAS and what MY job was : FOCUSING on the journey to SUCCEED .

Why be our worst enemy ? Thats what I was : my own worst enemy !

One crave beaten is success / one day beaten is success ; its being a winner one day at a time.

Because we have been prey to addiction for so long ,  it takes some hard work to retrain our thinking to physically and emotionally recover , but hard work does pay off and we will never have to deal with Day 1 again .

I learned after many months quit that what we feed ourselves determines EVERY DECISION we make ; and our decisions and choices will determine the FINAL OUTCOME .

We must not let anything --- how we feel---- our circumstances ------ or craves snatch our quit from under our nose. Be good to yourself — work through today …the big payday coming .